Thank You!

We are so grateful that you are supporting our dreams whilst we continue to make your world spin! So as a big THANK YOU, we offer our customers a loyalty point for every £25 that’s spent in store or online.

Get Rewarded

Earn Freebies

Once you’ve reached 20 points you get to choose a free dress or single ticketed item of your choice up to £60. If there is any outstanding balance this is just on top. It works out about 12.5% off every time you buy with us, now that’s a rewarding treat hey!

Receiving Points

This sort of reward scheme, with such a high value of gifting is unheard of within the retro clothing scene, but we believe that everyone should be treated and deserves something extra special to add value to your loyalty!

Your Points Card will be sent in the post with your items. KEEP IT SAFE as we can’t reissue these cards. We are hoping to go digital soon, however for the time being we are using our in store method of a paper card version. Once you have collected 20 points over your cards, please email to arrange your reward being sent!

Rewards Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Rewards Points cannot be used towards coats.
  • If you’re picking an item under £60 to have as your free gift, there is no outstaying payment left to use as it’s on one item only.
  • If choosing an item that is higher than £60, the remaining balance will be added to your cart.
  • Postage is applicable on top.
  • Reward cards and loyalty points also honoured in stores.
  • Please note, existing paper loyalty points cards which have stamps on already are still valid, but must be used in store to collect orders, as we can’t mix online and offline rewards tools.
  • If you have any questions please contact us at